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Online Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation FAQs

What is an online doctor consultation?

Online doctor consultation refers to accessing medical advice and guidance remotely through digital platforms, allowing patients to connect with qualified doctors via video calls, chats, or phone calls.

Why choose Herbal Hills Wellness for an Online Doctor Consultation?

At Herbal Hills Wellness, our online doctors are experienced with 25+ Years of Experience
and well-qualified Ayurvedic professionals. They provide personalized and holistic health guidance, focusing on ayurvedic remedies and lifestyle changes.

How do I start an online consultation with doctors?

To begin an online consultation, visit our website or app, register or log in, select the preferred doctor, and choose a suitable time slot for the consultation. Once booked, you'll receive further instructions.

Are your online doctors qualified?

Yes, our online doctors are govt registered medical practitioners and highly qualified Ayurvedic professionals with expertise in various health domains, ensuring reliable and credible consultations..

Is online doctor consultation safe and secure?

Yes, Herbal Hills Wellness ensures the highest standards of security and confidentiality for all online consultations. Your personal information and health data are kept secure and private.

Can I do a free online doctor consultation?

Yes, we provide free consultations to help you on your well-being journey.

What happens if I don't get a response from a doctor?

In the event of non-response, please ensure a stable internet connection and check your designated communication method. If the issue persists, contact our support team for assistance in rescheduling or troubleshooting.